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You Deserve to be


Coach MK uses a heart rate monitor every time she runs, and the coaching rule she is known for is the 140 cap. 140 is a cap (not a target!) on all easy effort runs. As long as you were below that effort level she will totally buy that the run was easy effort. The higher you were above that figure, the less likely it is that your body agrees that your run was truly easy. (Please note: Coach MK isn't going to kick you out if you break this rule, but she isn't going to argue with you when you insist that your 90-minute run with the average heart rate of 172 was sooooo totally easy, either.)


Watch this video to learn more about how The Fitness Protection Program works:












One subscription to The Fitness Protection Program™ grants access to three suites of products: 


Runner, Interrupted™️: a comprehensive support program that offers daily motivation, connection and ongoing coach interaction to runners whose journey is currently, temporarily, derailed by injury. 


(Re)Build: A comprehensive program that helps people who are returning to fitness after an extended break (6 months or more) for any reason (injury, pregnancy, surgery, illness, LIFE). We never judge. All are welcome, there's a place for everyone in here. We aim to get you ready to move into the Maintain suite of programs in an expedient manner, free from shame and pressure.


Maintain: A suite of coach-led running programs designed to protect a level of fitness gained over the course of a training cycle or developed over a longer period of time. Maintain aims to maximize your cardiovascular health and meet the American Heart Association guidelines, the very guidelines that kept Coach MK's father alive 35 years after a quintuple bypass. As a bonus: we maintain the elements of most training plans so your transition from maintenance to performance for a half distance or longer will be seamless (read: you will only need 10 weeks to ramp up for a marathon). 


Click below to be added to the list for new product announcements, including BUILD, a program to support new fitness habits!

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