Are you ready to see what your body can do? 

I can’t wait to show you! 

The Fitness Protection Program™ is a monthly subscription that grants you access to three coaching programs that meet you where you’re at today, and carry you everywhere you want to go throughout your running life.


One subscription to the Fitness Protection Program grants you access to three suites of products: 



  Runner, Interrupted.

You can move between these programs as circumstances change for you. There’s always a place for you it The Fitness Protection Program™


“Maintain: A comprehensive coach-led month-to-month running plan that will Maintain your fitness without adding the pressure of a race training cycle. Here, racing is optional, never mandatory. That’s why subscribers get our race plans for free.”


A comprehensive program that helps people who are returning to fitness after an extended break (6 months or more) for any reason (injury, pregnancy, surgery, illness, LIFE). We never judge.. We aim to get you ready to move into the Maintain suite of programs in an expedient manner, free from shame and pressure.

Runner, Interrupted™

A comprehensive support program that offers daily motivation, connection and ongoing coach interaction to runners whose journey is currently, temporarily, derailed by injury. 


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