As a business person who does business things, I always like when my clients send me feedback. FYI, check this out: I started on the program a month ago and did the same run today. My average heart rate went from 156 to 146. 

I’m simply amazed how well your programme is working for me.


One year ago today I started HRT 101. Running had been my nemesis my entire life.  I could not run 1 mile without stopping.  365 days later and running is a regular part of my life.  @15 miles a week is a regular part of my life. 

Thank you for creating and being a safe place for me to trust and be vulnerable with my running journey. I am a runner!


My favorite moment after the marathon was when my friend said to me they were surprised at my finish time. Which was right at my goal. She thought I was crazy that was my goal because she’d seen all my training runs on Strava. 

I ran all <140 runs for the entire training cycle and then ran a marathon 2 minutes/mile faster than my average training pace. This method works!


During my entire running “career” I always knew what other training programs were telling me weren’t right for my body. I seemed to take so much longer than everyone else to acclimatize to the work/distance. 

I had accepted that I wasn’t as fit/talented/fast as my other running friends.

When I heard MK on a podcast and it was the first time I had felt like I found someone who understood my needs. 

Did a long run today. My long runs are still just over an hour and I love them. I’m so proud of myself for running 4-5 days per week. 


I went from struggling to get myself back to running (I was pretty sure I just wasn't a runner anymore) to running consistently for the past 3 months. ReBuild was exactly what I needed to build my base back up and increase my confidence to get back out there. The past month of Maintain has been just what I needed to keep myself going & interested.

I'm still feeling far away from where I was, but it's been great to stay present & focus on where I am while still looking forward to each workout. "

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