You Belong in the Running World.

Do You Sometimes Have Doubts About Calling Yourself A Runner?

Thoughts like “I’m not an athlete, I’m not worthy of having a coach, I need to lose weight” swirl around your head, more frequently that you’d like to admit.

Add the fact that the running world can feel like a hierarchy with the fast kids at the top. It's hard to keep showing up when you aren't sure you fit in.

Most programs are all in or all out and that’s not what’s going to make you strong, healthy & happy. 
You don’t have to make a big change with a big goal. The Fitness Protection Program™  offers professional training to people who aren’t professional runners.

Our Approach

It's Easy To Go Hard, It's Hard To Go Smart

Coach MK founded Fitness Protection with the mission of making running a truly positive experience for all runners by eliminating the shame and pressure of endless training cycles that leads to burnout.  The Fitness Protection Program offers a tether to your coaches and your run club year-round, especially those times when you need guidance the most:-
In between race cycles, when you’re unable to run due to injury or life circumstances, or when you are just trying to rebuild a fitness habit. 

Our Program

One subscription grants access to three suites of products, designed to make running a sustainable, year-round habit.  
We’re also here to remind you of how much potential you have!
You are a runner … and you don’t have to go it alone. Go beyond the training plan and join The Fitness Protection Program™. 
Check out our training programs here!

A comprehensive program that helps people who are returning to fitness after an extended break (6 months or more) for any reason (injury, pregnancy, surgery, illness, LIFE). We never judge. We aim to get you ready to move into the Maintain suite of programs


What Clients Say About MK


Running had been my nemesis my entire life.  I could not run 1 mile without stopping.  365 days later and running is a regular part of my life.  15 miles a week is a regular part of my life. I am a runner!

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