How to Judge a Runner

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As runners, we talk a lot about motivation, perseverance and mental strength. Specifically, we talk about them as they are resources we need MORE of, resources that are as scarce as toilet paper.

Whenever I hear this, I want to grab the person talking and say, “WHY???? Look how much you HAVE!!”

Every runner I’ve ever met has mind-boggling amounts of mental strength. Running is what they layer on top of demanding jobs and responsibilities at home or in their communities. I’ve never met a lazy runner who needed motivation, perseverance and mental strength. I’m in awe that they don’t seem to realize it.

This is because runners tend to judge themselves by the one or two things they miss rather than counting up everything they’ve done.

This relentless drive inspires everyone around them, and as they become known as people who get things done, they are offered more responsibilities and more opportunities to their overloaded plates.

Currently, many of us are dropping those plates. We aren’t running as frequently as we’d like. Some of us are overwhelmed by how much we are unable to do and have been seeking comfort in other places or choosing to comfort the people around us as much as we can.

This is, and will always be, a valid choice. This isn’t the time to judge yourself by what you miss.

  • You aren’t less of a runner because you decided to eat nothing but cupcakes with your children all day on Saturday (like I did! IT WAS AWESOME!)

  • You aren’t less of a runner because you don’t have a race on the calendar.

  • You aren’t less of a runner because you haven’t had the desire to run since February

This isn’t one of those shame-laden screeds telling you to be grateful for what you have.

Eff that.

This is someone invested in your development begging you to notice how much mental strength it takes to get through your day, and give yourself credit for everything you are doing right now. You are surrounded by data points proving how strong you actually are, how strong you’ve always been. If you’re breaking, it isn’t because you are weak.

Please share this email with someone who needs to read it. We all know someone who feels like they are failing, when in fact they blow our damn minds.

For me, that person is you. It’s an honor to serve you.

You are coached, you are loved, and even when you are too overwhelmed to see it, you ARE #winningatlife.

Coach MK

P.S. Know a budding runner?

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