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Resolutions Fail You.

You Don't Fail, Your Resolutions Fail YOU.

Last year, Coach MK made up a new tradition: Romjul. It wasn't until writing this blog post: that she realized how well this tradition had actually worked; her entire perspective on 2019 shifted instantaneously as she realized she had accomplished all 7 of her ROARS.

In this video, Coach MK tells you where her head was at when she made her first crack at resolutions last year then talks you through a typical 'resolution-setting' process to show you how flawed that process can be and why good checklists can lead to bad outcomes.

TLDR; if you think a passive, quiet MK who doesn't share opinions sounds really great, then I need to accept less of you in 2020 rather than change my core wiring to get more of you. That's the perspective we all need. You're awesome just as you are, let's surround you with people you deserve and a list of roars that remind you of your badassery.

My ROARS haven't failed me. But my sunscreen DEFINITELY did this week!

Coach MK Fleming is the founder of The Fitness Protection Program and hosts the Running Life podcast with Dr. Coach Sarah Axelrod of Harvard University. They are committed to encouraging and enabling nasty womxn, everywhere, 24/7 via as many platforms as possible.

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