Ballet, Knee Tracking & Humidity

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

#AskAway 5/24/20

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This week, we take questions about ballet, knee tracking, and humidity.

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Runner Interrupted

  • Amy Trujillo bought herself a new car!!


  • Barbara runs at a local nature center so has been enjoying seeing lots of wildlife on her runs. This week she got to see a turtle.

  • Pat Kokolus Humes had her best run day in a long time. She went 3.2 miles on her run and got to enjoy and iced coffee treat afterwards.

  • Bea Witzel mommed like a boss. She wasn’t able to get any alone time to run so she got her time in walking with her little one strapped to her back


  • Brenda Haskills husband was finally able to have an important medical procedure that can help reduce his pain levels!! Procedure was a success and he is improving.


  • Happy Birthday Cavilyn!! Cavilyn is raising money to support girls on the run. She is a girl’s on the run coach and has seen this organization have a strong positive impact on her daughter.

  • Karen Schulter completed the Yeti Challenge by finishing 31.2 miles in 24 hours!! She didn’t ever think she would go more than 26.2 and has been excited to tell people who ask how she trained for it that she didn’t train the maintained.



  • I’ve started taking online ballet lessons for the first time since taking lessons for a few years as a child. I’m noticing a huge improvement in my glute activation and reduction in my overall pain levels in my back and hips!! Is there anything I need to be cognizant of when doing this to make I don’t cause any negative impacts on my running?

  • Hi Coach, I’ve been noticing that I have difficultly with getting my knees to track straight over my toes when I squat. Is there anything I can to help this?

  • If I’m coming from maintain are there any adaptations I need to make to the rebuild plan for pregnancy?

  • Hello! I’m noticing as I extend my longer run (over an hour or so) that my mid/upper back (around my ribs)and shoulders are fatiguing as I go longer and then everything kinda starts falling apart. Will this get better with time as I get more used to longer times or do I need to do some kind of specific strength to improve it?


  • My body has only been wanting to do avacado toast lately. What am I sacrificing by not doing the harder efforts? Would I still be able to run a marathon in 10 weeks as long as I don’t have a time goal?

  • I’ve been struggling with motivation to get out on my run. I look forward to my runs, once I’m running i really enjoy it so I don’t know what give. Any thoughts or suggestions to make the process of starting less awful?

  • How do I keep my heart rate down in this awful humidity? It’s like 80-90% here.


  • Is it okay to run on an empty stomach? How soon after a run do we meet to eat?

  • Can the time of day that you run affect your heart rate readings?

  • If I do silly toes and warm ups at home, then drive 15 minutes to a park for my run, is my warm up not as effective?

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