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Hawaiian Delight and Boiled Custard

I, Coach MK, had a rough Thanksgiving week. I finished the scripting for the Dec videos on Nov 28th but never got around to filming them; I would look at my puffy eyes and face in the camera and start crying all over again. I feel terrible that these videos are not yet complete and subscribers have no idea why they are doing workouts called "Hawaiian Delight" and "Mocha Valencia". To keep you from waiting any longer, I am pasting the script, and recipes, below. Thank you so much for your kind patience and understanding, I am deeply grateful.


It's Peppermint Mocha season! Look you guys, this month is messy AF. I haven't run in 4 days bc snow, and now all my kids have ear infections. YAAAY. And school isn't out yet!

As someone who lives with ADHD, I go through life fully prepared to fail. That's right, I accept it as one table and shield myself from my predictable blind spots. Most people do NOT accept the idea of failure....which is precisely why they quit or punish themselves the first or second time they make a mistake, quit the gym by the end of January if they haven't used it 'enough', return the shoes they only put on twice...etc.

I don't understand that. It makes me really sad. That way of looking at life takes no account of what you actually DID. Starting a new habit is HARD. Continuing a habit during hectic months is HARD. Missing runs does NOT mean you are failing at the plan. It means you are winning at life. 

This month and next month, I encourage you to give yourself more credit than ever. Not grace, you don't need it, CREDIT. "I had TPS reports and holiday parties and GI issues but STILL I ran 20 minutes 3 days ago!" We aren't going to think about what you missed. Not even going to count it. All we are counting are the runs, because THAT is all that matters.

And that is also why I will probably never run Houston or Tucson marathons for time. No disrespect to either, they are great. I line up my races with the season's of life and weather that are most conducive to training for me. That will NEVER be December (or January or February). I'm only losing if I'm trying to force it, I'm only failing if I see this December thing as a weakness to be conquered. I have kids. I have friends. I have parties and clients and strength challenges and FUN. I am winning at life. If I didn't run, I had a good reason, and if you ask me what I was doing instead I'll have a smile on my face when I tell you.

No guilt. No grace. Just Joy. All month. We will get through it all with smiles on our faces.


Runner, Interrupted: This month we are going to focus on all the lying MOTHERFUCKERS around you who haven't run since the last time they showed up to a jingle bell jog. There is not a party, you are missing nothing. This is THE BEST month to be a #runnernotrunning

Rebuild: your workout this month is Mocha Valencia. Fun fact: this was my favorite drink at Starbucks and I'm still pissed they don't serve it anymore. It reminded me of my favorite book, The Smells of Christmas. Which is funny, because I don't like eating oranges, just smelling them. GO FIGURE!

We are revisiting the progression run, testing out effort levels so we don't totally lose our instincts the way I lost my Mocha Valencia. 

Warm up

30x30 (seconds) @10k pace

30x30 @8k pace

30x30 @5k pace

Repeat series up to 4 times

Cool down

Maintain: We have Boiled Custard and Hawaiian Delight.

My two favorite holiday foods growing up were Momma's boiled custard, so thick you could eat it with a spoon, and her mother's (Mama Marie's) Hawaiian Delight. These were always hits, they were AMAZING, and we would consume them the second she made them so we only got them for holidays.

These recipes were gigantic pains in the ass to make, but the results were well worth it. The original Boiled Custard has too many steps to fit on a pinterest graphic and takes half a DAY to prepare THEN has to chill overnight before serving; we will be sharing a much shorter version (but it still has to chill overnight). Hawaiian Delight takes minutes to put together, but has to sit in the fridge at least overnight for best results. No shortcuts. The magic is in the chill. We can say the same about running in the winter; after all, a strong fall is built the previous winter and spring.

I could tell you that Boiled Custard is a sweeeeeeeet tempo run, and Hawaiian Delight is just so damn GOOD! But I don't want to lie to you. Both are fairly difficult workouts, but like the recipes they are named after, they produce incredible results and you'll find they are totally worth the effort when you show up to a Jingle Bell Jog and crush the bejeezes out of the run buddies who have not been Maintaining. These things are always best served cold. :)


Warm Up

3 sets of 10 minutes @8k effort, 2 min jog

Cool Down

(Increase to 4 sets in the final weeks)

Hawaiian Delight:

Warm up

2x1 (5k pace/jog)

Cool down

(Becomes 3x1 In week 2 and 3, then 5x2 in week 4 and 5)

Hawaiian Delight Recipe Marie Beech

Boiled Custard Recipe Kathy Brooks

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