Humid Runs and Heavy Loads

#AskAway 6/7/20

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This week, we take questions about max heart rates, adjusting for humidity, and spinal decompression.


Runner Interrupted

  • Char Gore was finally able to start back at the acupuncturist, which really helped my chemo-induced neuropathy and allowed her to get in a nice shuffle yesterday!

  • My win for the week is having given myself permission to take things slowly.

  • Last week my attorney began divorce proceedings on my behalf and I am hopeful of getting to keep the house (and refinancing in my name only) as my ex is showing no interest in it, nor ever really having wanted to live in it. The slowly...there is so much I would like to do to the space, but I am not in a hurry. I don’t want to trade one set of stressors (my ex) for a new set (perfection, speedy changes and renovations). I’m going to enjoy the extra time at home as my job can be done almost completely remotely, the extra time I get with my son and the warmth of the sun...


  • Kristen Frazier had a great appointment with her doctor who is happy with her progress.

  • Brenda Haskill has been working hard to manage her stress this week and got in a good visit with her son.

  • Laura Kelly has a breakthrough and realized her pace doesn’t matter she is getting what she needs despite her pace!

  • Jennifer Sutton is seeing the fruits of her rebuild labor and is able to flirt with the runs in maintain.


  • Sara Seeburg had a great long run with her BRF’s and got some much needed time for her mental/physical health

  • Nicole Uhl got out on her run even though she didn’t feel like it and was glad she did!

  • Erin Harkness did a 4 day backpacking trip this weekend and she was happy that all the running and strength she has been doing was paying off because she carried her toddler and their gear up and down multiple mountains and her legs still felt good at the end!

  • Susan DiLeo’s oldest son finally left the nest!

  • Corina Terry has been all in with the strength this week. She is feeling the effects (sore) but is excited about progress.



  • I completed my first Island Paradise run this week. How high should you let your heart rate get? Is it okay to walk during the jog intervals if you need more recovery? My max hr got up to 171 near the end and I found i needed to walk more to catch my breath 😬

  • could explain the TSS in training peaks I read about it but not sure I understand completely. Thanks!

  • My pace seems to consistently be faster on my long runs than my short runs (easy 30/cake walk), sometimes faster by more than a minute on the mile). Does this make sense? (Don't worry, I've been using my heart rate to run, so this question is more for curiosity)

  • When I do silly toes, I dont really feel any different after. How do I know if I am doing right, and how do I know I am sufficiently warmed up to run?


  • Hi, do you have any suggestions for spinal decompression? I might have carried a load on my back that was quite a bit heavier than I was used to and now my spine feels stuck and I feel shorted, oops and suggestions to help?


  • Do you think fall races will happen this year considering covid pandemic?

  • Thank you for doing what you're doing regarding the protests We see it Nichole

  • Since many of are running at slower EE paces during the hot, humid months, should we also adjust our 10k pace when we’re doing the workouts in Maintain? Does it matter?

  • Heart Rate question. I've noticed that if I motivate myself and do the prescribed runs at 5:30AM to 6:30AM I can easily control my heart rate relative to pace. However, if I wait until 10AM or later, all bets are off. Some days if I run at noon, I'm practically walking and my Garmin is reading 160. I could read recitate Atlas Shrugged in a steady voice. Is there some physiological difference in running when one first wakes up? Thank you!

  • Hi! I have been paying attention to my feet more lately and focusing on mobility and practicing silly toes (yay!). I noticed I can spread my toes fully on left foot w flexion but not all on my right foot. Is this due a particular issue and is there anything I can do to make it better? No pain. I have chronic low back issues but otherwise have no pain, no injuries, etc. I have noticed when I foam roll my weight shin it's super tender and not so bad on the left if that helps. Thanks! Nichole

  • Any advice for those w issues w low back pain? Anything w the foam roller that might help? This is an ongoing issue for me, not caused by running but sometimes affects my running.

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