Proud AF.

When people say that running is therapy, we push back HARD. Running can have therapeutic value, after all it’s an unbroken block of time for thinking instead of responding. It’s self-care, our alone time, our time to unplug and sort through our thoughts free from outside pressure. Therapy is therapy, and nothing comes close.

Except, of course, our run clubs.

Therapy is speaking with a trained, neutral third-party who exists separately from the rest of your life. They are YOUR advocate, each session is all about YOU and what YOU need. Most of us don’t get that anywhere else.

Except, of course, on our runs.

I don’t know about you, but my running friends are special. They exist totally separately from the rest of my life, from my colleagues, the parents at my kids’ schools, my social circles, my college and grad school buddies. My running friends know me in a different context, and they may not realize they know WAY more about me than anyone else in my life (except my therapist). Everyone is running through something, and there’s something about a long run that prompts us to discuss that thing. It’s a safe space for dangerous conversations. We all need those.

Still, some of us will never feel safe enough to use them.

And if they did, none of us are trained for the hard stuff- the emotional overwhelm and turmoil that leads to dark, hard-to-reach places.

This is where Project Semicolon comes in. They supported our Sponsored Athlete, Kade Schuldt, through something too big to share with his running buddies. Now, we want to support Project Semicolon. Not just the month of June, but year-round.

suicide prevention pride shirt 2020 that says, "life is a marathon please keep going"

Life is a marathon. You gotta be Tenacious AF to keep going.

Please, keep going.

I am proud of you for making it this far.


Please check out our Pride Line, it’s amazing. Hats off to our designer, Cara Gerard, who gave life to my chicken scratches.

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