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Quaranteam Fitness Protection Program

The Fitness Protection Program Staff are banding together with The Big Guns for the next 8 weeks to provide free programming to those who need a constant through this period of disruption. This group is free and open to the public; designed to accommodate spoonies, people with mobility impairments, and people who just don’t run but could use a little coaching, a little loving, hella support, and watching baby chicks grow! (We just got them today!) We will provide daily livestreams: breathing and balance exercises, anxiety relief tips and THE hottest nutritionist in America will be sharing ideas for stress-free meal planning and food preparation. SPOILER ALERT, IT”S DALIA KINSEY!!!

Invite anyone you know who needs a team to join ours. We will be #coachedandloved until this passes, as well as supported and connected till life goes back to normal. Join our #QuaranTeam Facebook Group,

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