Listen to Win

As runners, we know we’re supposed to listen to our bodies if we want to ‘win’.

As overachievers, we also know that we ‘win’ by completely ignoring our bodies.

When would a person choose to stop winning? What’s left then, losing?

That’s why all of the articles comparing ‘life right now’ to ‘running a marathon’ are getting to me. Every time I’ve run a marathon, I knew where the finish line was before I started.

There is no good training plan for this. Nothing can make me strong enough to ignore the anxiety rising in my chest these days.

Is that even how it works?

We know we are supposed to listen to our bodies, but no one teaches us how to respond.

All I know is this: when I feel that familiar tightness in my chest signaling my brain’s anxiety tank is running over, I know how to respond.

I put my running shoes on and start making my way to the door.

You see, your body is not a battleground. Neither is your mind.

You don’t need more strength, you need to set down the (too-heavy) load you are carrying.

You need self-care. ACTUAL self-care. The kind that isn’t BOGO or multitasking.

I only get that on my daily runs.

When my brain is full, the anxiety spills into my chest. Runs empty out my anxiety tank, leaving space for other things.

Like enjoying my shower/dinner/movie with my kids instead of wanting it to be over so I can rest.

That sounds like #winningatlife to me.

It is hard to set aside the overachiever in my brain and listen to my body. There’s no good training plan for that, either ...

… but we’re working on it.

We may not know where the finish line is, but we won’t get there faster by ignoring our bodies.

(Besides, most of my clients don’t want to run marathons. Stop assuming all runners know or care about marathons!)

I hope you were able to win at something today. If you did, please tell me about it so I can give you the recognition you deserve in this weekend’s livestream.


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