Look For the Helpers

Happy Pride Month!

That is, if you are able to access happiness right now.

Feels like each time we adjust, something jumps out and yells “PLOT TWIST!”

I’ve been coordinating volunteer medics and bodyguards the past 5 of 6 nights - Denver's police have been massively out of control.

It is a LOT.

When I created the workout programming for 2020, it was a super-snowy day in December. At the time, when I thought about June, I thought about backyard pools and cheap plastic sprinklers and sparkly swimsuits on little girls. I thought about cookouts and campouts and really long long runs that ended in a kiddie pool full of ice in my backyard.

Most of all, I thought about Wonder Woman 1984. I couldn’t believe I would have to wait till JUNE to see it!

Now, I’m gonna have to wait till August.

It feels like the good things are pulled further out of reach with each plot twist….or maybe it’s revealing something entirely different:

We are the heroes we’ve been waiting for.

There is a little Wonder Woman in each of us. We are still here, still standing, still working, still loving, still functioning, still worrying about missed runs and if we are doing ‘enough’.

Take a moment to look at the stress you are under, to gauge the size of the load you are carrying.

I can’t promise it won’t get bigger. I can promise that you will be #coachedandloved through every plot twist. Helpers are all around you.


Coach MK

If you are processing complicated feelings right now, check out this #blackoutday livestream with Chief Nutrition Officer Dalia Kinsey where we break out best next steps for talking to your children and learning about anti-racism, if you are interested.

If you want to make a change, start with your Facebook posts. I break it down right here.

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