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The ReBuild Opportunity

Saw the article below and wanted to make sure my ReBuilders took note. The bulk of this post is directed towards those of you who are struggling right now. If not, YAY YOU! Click the link please no need to read my words.

ReBuilding is HARD, it's some of the hardest work we will ever do, and I realize how pithy that can sound when you are frustrated and don't WANT credit for doing work that may not be your first choice. ReBuild isn't beginner work or exclusively for nubes and babies. That said, when it isn't the work you want to be doing, it's hard to get excited about it, no matter what Ros is doing to poor Coach Sarah when she goes live for that day's demo.

Regardless of what brought you to ReBuild, you all have a really amazing opportunity right now, and that opportunity may not come around again for awhile.

It is hard to convince a runner who is not currently in crisis that they could be headed for one. "Your glutes aren't firing" doesn't really mean anything to most of us, so it can be maddening when a PT says it. This period is an opportunity to shore up the little things that we ignore when the big things are working. Those little things matter, and we can't get anyone to pay attention to them until a runner has literally reached and passed the breaking point.

The work in here isn't lesser. It's just as important. And once this period in your life has passed and you're back to do whatever your first choice workout is, you won't want to go back to what you consider square 1 to be for any reason. You'll blow right past hip hinge to deadlifts, focusing on lifting bigger numbers with little regard to why deadlifts matter in the first place. Deadlifts aren't better than hip hinges, they are the third step. ReBuilding is the only period we can get you to stand on square 1 and work on step 1; once you're out of here, you'll probably jump right to step 3, because you are a badass overachiever and that's what you DO. And that's okay.

Today, I just want you to read this amazing essay on the hip hinge and consider this incredible opportunity before you, the opportunity to ReBuild, stronger. Once you're gone, you may not be back until you've hit another breaking point. It is my sincere hope you never get there.

Coach MK Fleming is the founder of Fitness Protection, LLC where she coaches all kinds of runners for $29 per month and gives marathon plans away for free. Click here to download her most popular training plan, Tenacious AF!

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