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September Surprise!

Peloton Workouts

The September email resonated with several of you. I'm so sorry we are in the same boat!

If you are able to move more than I am at the moment but need a little inspiration to get started- this is for you. If you download the pdf file below, you will see that each day has a linked 20-30 minute workout that is available in the Peloton app. (if you want a code for a free trial, LMK! I have a few left!). If you don't use the Peloton app, feel free to use this as a guide and look for similar workouts on YouTube, Apple Fitness, etc.

To be clear: we do not partner with Peloton in any way. I just really like the way their app is structured, and I love their instructors. Just wanted to give you a little something to tide you over until the next TipToe program begins! Enjoy!

Peloton Workouts
Download PDF • 858KB

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4 comentarios

31 ago 2023

Hey much is the app per month. I can go check it out but thought would ask

Me gusta
04 sept 2023
Contestando a

Oh wow! That’s cool 😎. I may look into it


Me gusta
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